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low pressure liquid nitrogen cylinder for nitrogen gas supply

pressurized cylinder for liquid nitrogen supply

Liquid nitrogen self-pressurized cylinder is made of high-quality stainless steel.
The cylinder is equipped with a self-boosting system, which can generate internal pressure for continuous discharge or replenish the liquid system. It can be connected to an external replenishment signal to realize automatic replenishment and termination of replenishment.
It is composed of a control system and a tank. The control system is mainly composed of: inlet/discharge valve; booster valve; vent valve, double safety valve; liquid level gauge; pressure gauge.
The product is set to protect at low pressure and is not a pressure vessel, so it is safe and convenient to use.

    It can be used for liquid replenishment and turnover transportation of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon biological containers. It is also commonly used for supporting use with experimental instruments, electronic instruments, and other devices.
    Equipped with double safety automatic control valve, with double safety protection measures, it is safer to use. The liquid level has a digital display for easy viewing. It has the uninterrupted nature of continuous pressurization and continuous drainage, which makes the liquid supply more efficient. It can be connected with the supplementary signal to realize automatic supplementation and termination of the supplementation. It is equipped with movable casters with high load-bearing capacity, which is quick and convenient to move. The special ultra-low temperature globe valve is easier to operate, durable, and beautiful.

Parameters of liquid nitrogen self-pressurized cylinders (1 bar low pressure)

Geometric volume
Effective volume
Outer diameter
Empty weight
16.5 L
15 L
377 mm
830 mm
24 kg
≤ 2.6%/d
≥ 2L/min
31.5 L
30 L
455 mm
950 mm
35 kg
≤ 2.5%/d
≥ 2L/min
55 L
50 L
455 mm
1180 mm
45 kg
≤ 2.2%/d
≥ 4L/min
83 L
75 L
506 mm
1180 mm
56 kg
≤ 2.0%/d
≥ 6L/min
110 L
100 L
606 mm
1300 mm
78 kg
≤ 1.4%/d
≥ 6L/min
165 L
150 L
706 mm
1340 mm
98 kg
≤ 1.3%/d
≥ 8L/min
193 L
175 L
706 mm
1370 mm
100 kg
≤ 1.2%/d
≥ 8L/min
220 L
200 L
706 mm
1450 mm
112 kg
≤ 1.1%/d
≥ 8L/min
245 L
230 L
706 mm
1480 mm
122 kg
≤ 1.1%/d
≥ 8L/min
275 L
250 L
756 mm
1470 mm
128 kg
≤ 1.1%/d
≥ 10L/min
330 L
300 L
806 mm
1500 mm
150 kg
≤ 1.1%/d
≥ 10L/min
440 L
400 L
908 mm
1540 mm
240 kg
≤ 1.1%/d
≥ 12L/min
550 L
500 L
1008 mm
1600 mm
280 kg
≤ 1.0%/d
≥ 12L/min
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