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dry shippers

YDH/VT liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers

This air transport series is suitable for transporting samples in a deep and low-temperature environment (gas phase storage, temperature below -190 ℃), which can avoid the danger of liquid nitrogen release during transportation, especially suitable for short-term air transportation. There is a liquid nitrogen absorber inside, which can absorb and store liquid nitrogen. Even if the container is dumped, there will be no overflow of liquid nitrogen; there is also a special stainless steel mesh screen to separate the storage space and the liquid nitrogen absorber, which can prevent the liquid nitrogen absorber material from being mixed into the freezer. It is mainly suitable for users who need a small number of samples to be transported in a short time.

Main features:

Cryogenic storage in the vapor phase;
Rapid liquid nitrogen filling;
Sturdy and durable aluminum structure;
No liquid nitrogen overflow;
Storage options for straws and cryovials;

Lockable cover for safe storage of biological samples;
Outer jacket for extra protection of liquid nitrogen dry shippers;
Two years standard warranty and five years vacuum warranty.

Main parameter of transporation model liquid nitrogen dewar tanks
how does liquid nitrogen dry shipper work
Absorbed capacity
Neck opening
Outer diameter
Empty weight
Static evaporation
Effective hold time
Number of canister
Canister size
0.25ml straw capacity
2.2 L
50 mm
224 mm
505 mm
5.2 kg
0.12 L/d
19 day
38x276 mm
VT 1
1.3 L
50 mm
223 mm
435 mm
3.2 kg
0.16 L/d
8 day
38x120 mm
VT 6
5.8 L
80 mm
305 mm
625 mm
9.0 kg
0.22 L/d
26 day
70x276 mm
5.4 L
90 mm
406 mm
485 mm
11.4 kg
0.29 L/d
19 day
70x127 mm
VT 3/7
3.4 L
125 mm
300 mm
554 mm
6.9 kg
0.43 L/d
square rack
100 vials
VT 10
9.6 L
216 mm
394 mm
716 mm
15.0 kg
0.89 L/d
square rack
500 vials
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