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roller base (moving wheels) for liquid nitrogen tanks 15 ~ 175 liters

1. Stainless steel material, sturdy and durable
2. Matte spray paint, anti-rust, beautiful
3. Different types of trolleys for liquid nitrogen tanks of different sizes
4. 3/4/5 lockable wheels, easy to move


Roller base A with 3 wheels: for XT 15, XT 21, XT 32, XT 36, XT 32/5, XT 36/5, XT 32/7, XT 36/7;
Roller base B with 4 wheels: for XT 65R, XT 95R, XT 115R;
Roller base B-47 with 4 wheels: for XT 47;
Roller base C with 5 wheels: for liquid nitrogen containers XT 115R, XT 145R, XT 175R.

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