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Professional liquid nitrogen tank supplier you can always trust.

Heyi offers a complete solution for biological samples in ultra-low temperature storage. Whether it is the -190℃ vapor phase or -196℃ liquid phase, we all strive to be leaders in reliability, storage capacity, and extended storage time.

The product portfolio is covered with liquid nitrogen aluminum dewars(storage dewar, transportation dewar, dry vapor shipper, and lab series), liquid nitrogen self-pressurized cylinder, stainless steel cryogenic freezers, liquid nitrogen transfer pump, and cryogenic protective clothes(cryogenic gloves, cryogenic apron, cryogenic boots, etc).


Heyi liquid nitrogen containers are made in China but are exported to more than sixty countries on five continents. Our liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in different fields such as IVF, artificial breeding, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food & beverage, dermatology, cryotherapy, cold assembly, etc. If you also want to be a local distributor, contact us.

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