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liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer adopts a partial mouth structure and has a large capacity, which is suitable for long-term static storage of large quantities of biological products.

It has the advantages of the huge storage capacity of biological products, safe and reliable use, and easy operation.

It adopts the latest high-vacuum multilayer insulation, electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion, and other advanced technologies to make the intelligent cooling and constant temperature process uniform and stable.

Two methods of immersion storage and vapor-phase storage are available, which are especially suitable for long-term ultra-low temperature preservation of experimental samples such as stem cells, plasma, semen, embryos, and various tissues and organs.

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Main features:

●Made of all austenitic stainless steel, the surface is mirror polished;
●The mouth of the container has a partial structure (it can also be made into a straight mouth structure), with a large capacity, good vacuum, and low liquid nitrogen consumption;
●There are two storage methods, vapor phase, and liquid phase, to ensure the low-temperature environment of the upper part of the sample in the tank is -190℃;
●The internal storage is partitioned by a rotating tray, which is convenient for accessing biological products;
●It adopts (patent) external rotation when extracting stored products, both manual and electric, and an automatic extraction device can be added, which is very convenient and protects the operator;
●The control system adopts a color touch screen LCD display, and the parameters can be modified in the settings according to the needs;
●Liquid nitrogen level adopts patented control system, real-time display of high and low level, ultra-high and ultra-low level alarms, over-temperature alarms, and automatic control of fluid replenishment;
●Reserve remote monitoring and central control ports to realize remote observation control and global SMS alarm function;
●It has the function of bypassing and leaking the hot air in the pipeline, and the hot air in the pipeline does not enter the tank body when refilling, ensuring a stable low-temperature storage environment;
●One-key defogging function when opening the lid, convenient storage and visualization, and easy extraction;
●Record historical values ​​of parameters, operating status, and alarms in two forms: event log and graph curve;
●The bottom of the container is equipped with high-strength, wear-resistant casters;
●It can be locked to facilitate the management of biological products by dedicated personnel;
●No less than five years of vacuum service life.

Parameters of liquid nitrogen cryogenic vapor freezers

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