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Heyi ET-6 launched

Many people asked if we have some models are equivalent to the MVE ET series liquid nitrogen container.

Those are really good products for bio sample storage, especially in the embryo transfer industry.

Now you can take a look at our ET-6, proudly produced by Heyi LN2 Tanks.

It has typical parameters as follows:

Capacity of liquid nitrogen: 6.5 liters

Neck opening: 55 mm

Static hold time: 43 days

Number of canisters: 6

Diameter of canister: 43 mm

Height of canister: 127 mm

Capacity of straws: 900 doses for 0.5ml or 1,860 doses for 0.25ml

A lockable lid and an outer jacket are equipped for this liquid nitrogen tank.

ET liquid nitrogen container

In need of liquid nitrogen containers? Contact Heyilabs before purchasing.

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